Senior Citizens

Shadowing Senior Citizens 60 &….., Inc. is an entity based in Snellville, GA and operates in most of the Atlanta Metro area. We provide short term services Monday - Friday for 60 and older Senior Citizens and by a 2 week advance appointment on Saturday's with a 4 hour min:

• Rides available for non-medical trips to and from with a 2 hour min, 4 hour max, with a 50 mile one-way radius, once a week
• We help with ordering of a Medical ID bracelet, not the medical system
• 1 day a week, 1 room surface cleaning at the Senior’s home
• 1 day a week, assistance with technology, 1 hour min, 2 hour max
• 1 day a week, meal preparation according to information provided by the Doctor’s office
• Emergency contacts posted, Doctor’s, Family and Neighbors

• We are not medical professionals
• We do not clean any pet areas, inside of basements, freezers, garages, ovens, refrigerators, stoves, shampoo carpets or furniture, strip floors, chimneys, full/complete organization or reorganization or any outside work.
• We do not bathe or change bandages or give medicine or take temperatures. We do provide first aid when necessary